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Nicholas Scrap Metal Inc. is a full service buyer of both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Below are a few examples of the most common items recycled at our facility and a brief description. If you have an item that you are not sure of please feel free to bring it on your next visit, or call and talk to one of our helpful staff members. You can count on us to get you the highest market price for your scrap metals.

cans01dottif_8115_digitalphotoscoloryb aluminum_extrusion

Aluminum Cans - Used aluminum beverage cans consisting of soda, beer, and cat food tins.

Aluminum Sheet - Aluminum consisting of 98% clean aluminum such as window framing, doors, and signs.

Aluminum Extrusion- Aluminum consisting of 100% clean aluminum extrudings with no debris or attachments.

Aluminum Cast - Aluminum Consisting of 98% clean casted aluminum. Most comonly found in automotive aluminum.

shutterstock_522495-scr 11025174_946913482009320_8959891955644013090_n Copper wires

Copper #1 - Coppers pipe consisting of 100% clean copper with no solder, paint, and other attachments

Copper #2 - Copper consisting of any copper not fitting into #1 category. Basicaly copper that has been painted/soldered/oiled/burnt

Bare Bright Copper- 100% pure stripped copper wiring.








Yellow Brass - Brasses consisting of mixed yellow brass solids, including brass castings, rolled brass, rod brass, tubing and miscellaneous yellow brasses.

Yellow Rims

Aluminum Rims - Rims consisting of Single and multi-piece rim assembly used for mounting tires.

Copper-Insulation-Romex Copper-Insulation-2 Aluminum-Insulation Copper-Insulation-1

Copper Insulation #1 - Copper Wire with a copper content of 70% or higher.

Copper Insulation Romex - Copper wire consisting of building wire with a copper content of about 58%.

Copper Insulation #2 - Copper wire with a copper content of 48% or less. This often includes appliance chords, computer cables, and extension chords.

Aluminum Insulation - Wire consisting of coated aluminum.

Light Iron Heavy Metal Cast Iron Lead Batteries Steel Case Batteries Wheel Weights Red Brass Aluminum Sheet

Red Brass - Shall consist of red brass scrap, valves, machinery bearings and other machinery parts, including miscellaneous castings made of copper, tin, zinc, and/or lead.

Light Iron - Also refered to as shredder feed; it is thin gauge metals that consist of auto bodies, appliances, shelving, and other easily maleable ferrous materials.

Heavy Iron - Wrought iron and/or steel scrap 1/4 inch and over in thickness.

Cast Iron - Cast Iron shall consist of assorted iron castings including but not limited to, radiators, sewer pipe, automotive engine and rotors.

Batteries (Lead/ Acid) - Batteries with a lead acid core typicaly found in automotive and backup systems.

Iron Case Batteries - Batteries with a lead acid core typically found in industrial machinery such as electric forklifts and backup generators.

Soft Lead - Consists of 100% lead typically found in plumbing applications.

Lead Wheel Weights - Wheel weights containing lead and iron clips found on automotive rims.